I own land in the Township of Stirling-Rawdon. Part of the land is along a river and I want to make some of the water front land a separate cottage lot. It is in a really nice location. Trouble is, this part of my property is a long way from the nearest road. I have to make a laneway or a right of way over my remaining land from the road to the separate lot. I am on a tight budget. How good does the laneway to the separate lot have to be? Can I just clear the laneway area with a tractor or bulldozer and be done with it?

— Laneway land owner

Dear laneway: Township of Stirling-Rawdon land owners who permit other people travel across their land to access their cottage, house, farmland, hunting camp, etc. within the Township should be aware that the Township of Stirling Rawdon has a By Law (1044-14) requiring the travelled area to meet certain standards. Land owners have until 1 January 2025 to comply with the By Law and ensure the standards are met. Non-compliance has consequences such as denial, withholding or revocation of permits, certificates or other forms of authorization to use or develop any land, structures or property improvements. If this applies to you and you have any questions/concerns, contact the Township by phone (613-395-3380) or through the website,