Whether you plan to live, work or play in rural Ontario
here's an honest, direct and understandable
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This Hastings County law practice is operated by Brad Comeau, successor to the original Stirling country lawyer, the late Alex Winkler, Q.C., and the original Marmora country lawyer, Andre Philpot. 

Feel free to contact my office should you wish more information on anything you read here.  

Myself, Debbie, Dawn, Sue and Brenda will do our best to accommodate your legal needs. If we cannot do so, we will assist you in finding a law office that has the resources you require.

Here is the CYA; it may seem trite and obvious but needs to be stated…..Use of this site or any information you get from me as a result of that use does not make you ‘my client’ or me ‘your lawyer’. We do not have a lawyer-client relationship. The information is gratuitous and worth the money you paid for it, which is nothing. Do not rely on the information! If you do and things do not work out to your liking, it is your fault – not mine! This may seem harsh, but it is what it is! Always consult with your own lawyer who will assist you after considering all circumstances. Remember, lawyers make suggestions, clients make decisions! 


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