A home inspector recommended by the realtor is more than acceptable. A recommendation is just that. The ultimate decision is YOURS. Get more than one recommendation. Search online for inspectors in the area where you are purchasing. Talk to other people you know or heard about who recently purchased a home. Get qualifications from all the inspectors you are considering. Who you hire is YOUR decision! You have no one to blame but YOURSELF if YOU hire someone who ultimately does a poor job. 

It may seem unfair, but if you buy a country home or cottage, you generally are buying it on an ‘as is' basis. If you want any promise or warranty, you have to ask for it. If you want it to mean anything, you have to get it in writing. Every used car gets certified, but not so for a used house! 

Why not?
Because every offer, hidden away in the fine print, will say something like this: 

"It is agreed that there is no representation, warranty, collateral agreement or condition affecting this Agreement or the Property... other than as expressed herein in writing."

So, if the roof leaks or the well runs dry, the problem may be yours alone unless you have protected yourself and done so in the offer, in writing.